Colombia is not always the first destination which comes to mind when people think of places to teach English around the world, but it should be. Colombia is a country which has grown dramatically over the last 20 years from a dangerous location to must-visit travel destination and metropolitan hub.

While teaching English in Colombia isn’t going to make you rich or save as much money as you would in Asia, it is totally worth it for the unique experiences. Colombia has four main cities for teaching English – Bogota, Medellin, Cali and Cartagena. Each city is unique and offers a wonderful one of a kind experiences.

Teaching In Bogota

I decided to teach English in Bogota, which is the capital city and hub for a number of multinational companies. The options for teaching in Bogota are International schools, public schools, English institutions or Universities. I do not hold a professional teaching degree such as a PGCE, which limited my options for working in a school or University, so I began teaching in an English Institution.

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English Institutions In Bogota

The institution I worked for had a large number of contracts with multinational companies, such as AON, Ernest Young, Makro, and GM. This type of English was business English and I typically went into the offices of one of these companies at least once each week.  Classes were between 4 and 12 students who all worked within the company but in different roles.

A Typical Day Teaching in Bogota

My typical day would include classes between 7am to 9am, so before the employees began work for the day, I would wake up around 5am depending on where I had to travel around the city to get to my class. Then I could have a class 12pm to 2pm or another one 5pm to 7pm. Typically I would just have classes 7am to 9am and then 5pm to 7pm.

teach in bogota commute

Classroom Material

The classroom material would all be provided to me in a folder and the students would have a similar folder so we could work through the materials each class. Occasionally we would be having conversations or playing games as we went.

My experience teaching in Bogota was overall a good experience, but as with any job, there were pros and cons.

Pros of Teaching English In Colombia

Cons of Teaching English in Colombia

Overall teaching English was a good experience and if you have professional teaching qualifications you can work in a University or school and earn a high wage, with occasional subsidies for accommodation and transportation. English institutions are good for first-time teachers and to gain experience while having time between classes to explore or relax.

I would recommend teaching English in Colombia as the country is beautiful, you get plenty of days off to explore it, and you can easily learn Spanish by meeting great people and having the time of your life.

Anny Wooldridge grew up in Norfolk, England. She is a passionate traveler and has visited over 28 countries as well as living and working in Greece, France, USA, and Colombia. She started a travel blog inspiring others to travel and has pursued her passion for writing ever since as a freelance travel writer and editor.

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